What We Do at Hilton Veterinary Hospital

Trauma and Envenomation

The Veterinarians at the Hilton Veterinary Hospital are experienced in trauma management. This includes car accidents, dog fights and wildlife induced injuries. Sufficient on sight anti-venom, and 24 hour monitoring, treatment and ventilation equipment make Hilton Veterinary Hospital the place of choice for the treatment of small animal snake bite injuries in the Midlands.

Babesia kills more vaccinated dogs and cats in the Midlands than any other infectious disease.  The veterinarians at Hilton Veterinary Hospital are experienced and have the equipment, blood product and supportive therapy facilities for treating simple and complicated tick bite fever cases.  We stock a vaccine aimed at eliminating the seriousness of the infectious disease.

The veterinarians and nurses at HVH are sensitive to pain in animals. Combinations of proven pain killers are used including local anaesthetics, various central active pain killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Pain control is important for older animals with arthritis.  Where animals are not eating, feeding tubes are quickly placed in order to aid their recovery and meet their nutritional requirements.

Our nurses clinic offers free health care programme advice, nail clipping, weight clinics, nutrition advice, blood pressure assessment and dental check ups.

Please make use of our nurses clinic to design a complete health care programme appropriate for your pet.  This should include vaccination, flea and tick control, sterilisation, oral care and nutrition.

Various cancers are diagnosed and where possible treated at HVH with combinations of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Importantly the pet owner remains in charge and only animals seen to benefit from their therapy are kept in the programme.  Pain control, nausea control and appetite are priorities.

porcupine attack
porcupine attack
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